Sunday, August 8, 2010

12 hours.

this week, it all caught up with me.  the heat, the middle of the night wake ups, the housework, the job work, the laundry, the chasing after an active baby - and i fell asleep at 8:30pm on friday.  those of you who know me best know that when i say "i'll just take a quick nap, i'll be out in 20 minutes" after, say...5pm, it means you shouldn't count on seeing me until morning.  luckily, alex knows me better than i know myself, so he just waited for me to get up at 11pm so that i could brush my teeth, change into pajamas, and head right back to bed.
yesterday, penny had her first bagel!  i tore one in half, and she gnawed on the crusty part and ate little bits off of the interior.  i think she really enjoyed it!  she's also added torn pieces of bread to her "things she can pincer" list, and has mastered cheerios - basically, our baby is a duck.
along with the eating of cheerios, she is a total cheerio magician, hiding them away who knows where, making them appear in her fists on the changing table, even getting them as far as the bedroom.  we are all in awe.
aunt jodi and eric learned this firsthand last night, as they watched penny for our first evening out in (conservatively) a year or so.  we went to a wedding - i put on makeup and everything - and we had to interact with humans while trying not to make faces at them or sing a running commentary of the night.  penny was not exactly on her best behavior, but jodi and eric are champions!  when we got home she was sleeping peacefully, and neither the apartment nor eric had burned down.  hopefully we can convince them to come back to do it again.
this week's collage is an homage to cheerios!  i only took two of the photos!  the rest were taken by alex!  he took all of the good ones!


  1. I like that the bottom picture seems to say "meh, cheerios."

  2. biz and/or jordi! how nice to see you here! hello!