Thursday, October 14, 2010

crime fighter

this weekend was new york comic con, so alex was very busy!  penny and i went to visit him at work on sunday:

i made her a tiny spiderman "crime fighter" dress for the occasion!

basically, this is the way to do comic con, if you have the opportunity.  show up for a couple of hours, bring an adorable baby that everyone wants to talk to, and watch the whole thing from a glass box up above it all.  oh!  and make sure someone takes a photo of your whole family:
this week, penny has hit what i found out from the internet is called the "nine month sleep regression".  she has hit all of the milestones that bring on this phase - pulling up to stand, cruising, parroting vocalization, teething - and she has stopped sleeping, pretty much altogether.   if we don't get it just right, she lies in her crib screaming - not crying, SCREAMING - and for the past two nights she's woken up at 3am and not gone back to sleep.  when cuddling her to get her to sleep, i have noticed that all of her little muscles are firing - a lot in her legs, but her arms twitch too, and her face goes through all of its expressions. there’s clearly a lot happening in there, and if it were happening to me, i’m sure i wouldn’t be able to sleep either!  i hear that this is temporary, but that "temporary" can mean "three months", so hopefully this will be over soon and we can go back to our non-zombified selves.
she's just so gosh darned cute, though...

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