Saturday, November 6, 2010

how is it november, exactly?

so i was just wrapping my head around the fact that it's september already when, blammo!  it's november!  daylight savings starts tomorrow!  apparently baseball is over for the season?  i can't keep up.  all i know is, i broke out the knitwear because it's cold!  penny wore the one hat she can't rip off her head at the park today, and she's looking more and more like a kid and less and less like a baby all the time.

there's been a whole lot of screaming and not a lot of sleeping this week at chez z.  as usual, we're pretty sure she's teething.  last night, she ate pretty much a whole piece of chicken, and tonight she ate a major amount of chinese food.  she's started eating off of our forks, and she is so delicate about it, it makes me giggle.
after the jump, i need your help...

so in this next photo, penny clearly does not look human.  she looks like SOMETHING, i just can't figure out what it it an animal?  a muppet?  please help me!

edited to add: according to my dad, according to jodi, and according to my mom - my mom's thought is definitely what was in my head but i couldn't get out, though both of the others are TOTALLY valid.


  1. As with many babies with pinchable cheeks, I think she looks like a Miyazaki character. Either the baby that's turned into a mouse form Spirited Away, or Ponyo.

  2. ooooh, also good - though that would make me yubaba, and no thank you.

  3. Good grief! I can't stand how adorable she is!
    I personally think she looks like one of those Pod People in The Dark Crystal.