Tuesday, February 22, 2011

penny gets some culture

this week, penny was introduced to the wonderful world of crayons!  she is an artist!  i drew the blue "P" on the paper, but the rest is all her:
also, books!  penny's books were threatening to take over our apartment, so i bought her an absolutely adorable bookcase with some storage to try and contain the impending disaster.  within five minutes of her waking up and discovering it, this happened:
 i don't know why, but she is obsessed with sitting in baskets.  she is such a weirdo.
also, stairs!  she is up and down the stairs like a maniac!  she seems to not be eating anything, though she still has a round tummy so we're not worried.  and teeth - so so so so so many teeth.
the other day alex was making funny faces at her, and she laughed like a little girl and not like a baby.  she is gaining words (puffs, broccoli, book, bottle, bubbles, more, and my personal favorite, woof) at a rapid rate, though none of them are understandable by anyone but us.  she understands complex concepts, knows what every room is called, and now owns several pairs of big girl shoes.
she is now a person and not a baby.  incredible.


  1. Congratulations on your little person! I think I'd sit in baskets too if I could still fit in them! I think my favorite toys as a kid were large cardboard boxes (which were a rare treat as my family rarely got large items so boxed...)! I would imagine that the basket is just a similar idea. Maybe she'd like those cardboard castles or whatever I see on those flash-sale sites.

  2. that's a great idea! i'll keep an eye out for one, though she'll probably be more interested in the packaging it comes in than the item itself :)

  3. I want to hang out with penny in a refrigerator box with a whole mess of crayons and snacks.


  4. Marni, I think I order enough crap online that we could MAKE a kick ass cardboard castle out of amazon boxes.