Friday, June 3, 2011


so penny and i went to the park today, and she was having fun playing with other kids and enjoying the sunshine, when i noticed a squirrel under a bench.  "look!", i said to penny "a squirrel!"  and we watched it jump from the ground on to the bench, from the bench it was on to the next bench, pick up penny's snack cup in its mouth and run!  i jumped up on the bench and shouted "no!', but that didn't make the squirrel return the snack cup, shockingly.  penny was stunned, i couldn't believe it, and the rest of the parents in the park were as amazed as we were.  i couldn't think of any recourse - there's no one to complain to about a squirrel burglary, and no way to retrieve it from whatever tree it's in now.  i'm sure the squirrel is having some sort of party tonight, fueled by puffs and whole wheat goldfish.
i got penny an identical snack cup, she can now say "squirrel", and if you ask her what mama said to the squirrel, she says "no, no!"

before all that, she looked like this!


  1. This is am amazing story you will tell for the rest of your lives- Also, squirrels are disgusting and this makes me loathe them even more. Nasty thieves.