Sunday, October 23, 2011

harvest festival

today was the park slope harvest festival!  penny is getting more and more excited for halloween, and she loves seeing pumpkins, ghosts ("spoooooky....") and witches ("eh he he he").  we waited in line for a while psyching ourselves up for penny's first pony ride!  she did great!  alex reports that she had a huge smile on her face the whole time, and she gave it pats on the mane when it paused in its walk.  we then fed a goat, a donkey, some chickens, some rabbits and an alpaca.  then we listened to some live music, then wandered through the farmer's market.
when we got home, alex and i had big plans for what we were going to do during penny's nap, but we all ended up falling asleep for about two and a half hours, and when penny woke up we brought her in bed with us for another half an hour of cuddle time.  time much better spent than cleaning or cooking, i say.  the rest of the day was low key - we did some grocery shopping, ate some dinner, took a bath and put penny to sleep.

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  1. Napping and cuddling is ALWAYS time better spent than cleaning or cooking. Don't tell my sink full of dirty dishes that though.