Tuesday, May 15, 2012

when i got home tonight, penny and i were chatting with the babysitter about her day.  i noticed she was a little bit mush mouthed and hard to understand, but i chalked that up to her being tired and the pacifier in her mouth.  she has a ritual of walking the sitters out and giving them "muffins and cookies" that she "bakes" under the stairs, but she's not allowed to bring her pacifier downstairs.  when she took her pacifier out, i noticed that her cheek was really swollen.  i know she's getting her molars, but this was pretty bad - only on one side, and it looked like she had just gotten a wisdom tooth pulled.  when i asked her what was wrong, and touched her cheek, it was as hard as a rock.  instant panic!  what do mumps look like?  is that only on one side?  how long had it been like that?  the sitter hadn't noticed, so probably not that long...
"it's a carrot, mama"
apparently, she had kept a half of a baby carrot in her cheek for at least an hour and a half.

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