Monday, August 27, 2012


this afternoon, penny took her first trip to the dentist!  she was pretty freaked out initially, as the last time she was in a medical situation she was getting blood drawn and the phlebotomist rooted around in her tiny vein before giving up and prodding her in the other arm, but it didn't take her too long to warm up.  there's a new dentist joining the practice, and she gave penny a pair of gloves, handed her the mirror and had her check out alex's teeth.  the technician let her push the button to take alex's x-rays.  the dentist showed her the photos and video he took of alex's teeth.  eventually she warmed up enough to everyone to sit in the magic chair and drink some water, though she only let the dentist actually look at her teeth while i was holding her.
all in all, it was a successful first visit!  next time will be even better!

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