Friday, January 29, 2016

18 months of Milo!

Milo is a year and a half old today. He is learning about a word a day, he sings and dances all the time, and he loves to help put things away. Today at daycare, he decided independently that everyone needed their water, so he pushed a chair over to the counter so he could reach, then distributed everyone's sippy cups one by one. Whenever he sees or hears an emergency vehicle, he points and asks "Happening?" On our commute into the city, he says "Daddy, bye bye. Penny, bye bye. Mr. Matt" and on our way home, we discuss how we said goodbye to Penny and Daddy in the morning, but we are on our way to see them. If he decides you need a hug, but you do not want one, he will sneak around behind you and put his head on your shoulder.

Happy year and a half, buddy! We love you to bits.