Sunday, December 17, 2017

Dear Penny

(That's the Princess of Eight, for those non-Sesame Street nerds among us)
My girl, you are now eight years old. There is nothing left about you that is a little kid - you are a fully big kid now. At lunchtime, you were showing off your knife skills. You are able to use the food processor to make latkes. You clear your place after meals. My heart is warmed by your genuine gratitude, your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your wisdom beyond your years. Your sense of humor is unbelievable - your timing, your insight, and your awareness of your audience is staggering. You have continued on with tumbling and the violin, and just completed your 12s times table, which means you have collected all of your stars on your math chart. You have started knitting yourself a scarf! I'm sorry I passed that obsession on to you, but I do very much enjoy sitting next to each other on the couch knitting together.
This weekend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens, and we are taking four friends to see it as your party. You get so excited thinking about this - so delighted about how happy your friends are going to be to see it with you, and so thrilled about another Rey movie. I hope that this whole year is full of things that please you that much. I hope that you are able to find joy in friends and your family, that you continue to devour books and that you see yourself in all of them.

Happy birthday to the greatest, bestest, special kissiest girl I've ever met.

Don't grow up too fast, ok?

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