Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy (?) New Year

10 days ago, we lost my beautiful mother, Ronnie Sussman. The kids are dealing, I am dealing, but it makes celebrating her birthday (yesterday) and the New Year very difficult. Aunt Jodi has been staying downstairs, and we've been going back and forth to Queens to see Papa Dan, but most of the time we've been trapped in the house due to extreme cold and there's been an aura of sadness and grief. While we know these won't last forever, I may be even more absent than usual for a while. We'll see.

Yesterday, Milo figured out buttons!
He unbuttoned and buttoned up his pajamas tonight as well!

We discussed our resolutions for 2018 - Alex has decided to get back to writing more, Penny would like to cook more and try new foods, and I am going to craft more and get back to moving my body regularly. Milo should be able to write his name without help and be well on his way to reading.

We are spending tonight at home with a bunch of snacks and a 500 piece puzzle. It is my sincere hope that 2018 is better than 2017 in basically every single way. From all of the Zalbens to you and yours, Happy New Year.

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