Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penny, Jacob, and Great-Grandma Miriam

I had to head off from today's family brunch before pictures got taken, and apparently I missed an amazing photo op with Penny, her cousin Jacob, and their Great-Grandma Miriam. I hope I get to see them do this again.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

week 10!

this week, penny went on a couple of trips in the car!  she visited her great-grandmother, who was a delightful hostess; and she spent an evening in brewster, new york with her honorary third set of grandparents, the edelson-principes.  penny reacts in precisely the way an infant is supposed to - wide eyed wonder for the first 10 minutes, and then deep deep sleep.
she is on the tail end of yet another growth spurt - we think that this one is mental rather than physical, but it's just as draining for us.  luckily, she remains cute, and is talking up a storm.

for example, here is a story in two acts.  a peek into the infant mind, if you will...

Act I - "I like my new pajamas"

Act II - "Oh no!  The grownups changed my outfit!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

week 9!

i know this is super late, but penny got her two month vaccines on wednesday, and she was not a happy camper for a little while there.  after a couple of days and nights of fussing and fever and infant tylenol, she's back to her usual smiley happy self.  penny is now 11 lbs 11.5 oz and 23 1/2 inches long.  she's still exceptional, and we could not be more proud.
there were so many good photos taken this week that i couldn't narrow it down to two, so, for your viewing pleasure (i hope), an INSANE amount of penny pics!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

8 weeks!

this week, we attended a superbowl party - penny was a saints fan because she always roots fr the underdog, and come on, what an amazing comeback.  she LOVED the who, and was as well behaved as you could expect a baby at a superbowl party to be.
in me news, i am back in big girl pants now, with zippers and buttons and everything.  penny is trying out cloth diapers for the first time RIGHT NOW, so we'll see how that goes.
yesterday's snowpocalypse 2010 was quite something.  we stayed inside, watched movies and drank tea.  totally different from any other day around here :)
penny has started really talking this week. she has a normal baby cooing voice, and the voice she uses when she's trying out sounds or attempting to get a point across.  we are doing our best to understand her, as we can tell it's very frustrating to her that we can't figure out what she's saying.
she grabbed one of her toys and held on!  so exciting!  though she doesn't have much interest in objects we place in her hand, she loves reaching out for stuff and chatting with toys and fabric prints from a distance.
also, major hair developments this week - it's longer, filling in, and getting redder.  my mom points out that my hair was mid-back at 18 months or s, so penny's got something to shoot for.  here's hoping!

Friday, February 5, 2010

7 weeks!

this week, penny's maternal grandfather pointed out that the ticker at the bottom of the blog was still counting up my pregnancy, putting me at just over 45 weeks.  this would be concerning, to say the least, and so i changed the ticker.  while doing that, i figured, why not redesign the entire blog?  and by that i mean, why not ask alex if he could make a new header, try to install it, fail, and ask him to install it?
in short - we redesigned the blog!  welcome!  i am no longer pregnant! 
penny has received several new places to be from her cousins, and she loves them.  she has in depth conversations with anthropomorphised animals & cosmic bodies, she loves to kick and punch her soft blocks, and we can actually watch her learn cause and effect.  she hasn't quite got it yet, but her brain is definitely working.  and i know she's my child as after she's learned something new she falls into a deep sleep for hours.
penny continues to astound us with her hair growing powers, and is enjoying spending more and more time on walks.  she has now tried out every one of her slings, and enjoys them all for different purposes.  we have all also discovered the magic of the pacifier.  just as the stroller was a revelation, the pacifier takes her from fussy to happy in a way that we needed to see to believe.  we are all learning together!
also - now that penny fits into way more of her clothing, we've started dressing her for the day and changing her into nightgowns at night.  the other day, i put her in a sweater that my late grandmother knit for my cousin alison that was presented to penny at a baby shower.  i love having a direct link to my grandma, and the fact that it's a knitted item is, of course, even more meaningful for me.  putting the sweater and seeing it on her made me a little weepy, but it really could not be more cute.