Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Milo's Orientation Day/First day!

Milo had an hour of Orientation at Chai Tots on Monday, and his first full day yesterday! He is now officially in Nursery!
Insisted on wearing his Chai Tots shirt

This is one cool dude

Milo found "his letters" all by himself!

Wasting no time - they got right down to it.

Last year's first day and today's!

Milo picked the restaurant for his first day of school celebration

Full day take two!

Decorating his mitzvah tree branch decoration.
This morning on the way to school we stopped to watch a baby squirrel try to climb a tree. It took a really long time, working on various strategies, and eventually fell about three feet. It hopped right back up onto the tree to try again. As we walked on we talked about it, and Milo said that maybe its Mama Squirrel would be able to help it. Or its Big Sister Squirrel. Or its Morahs. We talked about all of the helpers we could think of and it warmed my heart that he is taking all of the pieces that he's being given from school and home and thinking about them in real-life ways.

Friday, September 8, 2017

First day of third grade!

Penny had her first day of school yesterday, and she could not have been more excited to be a third grader. Dropoff was chaos, as usual, and I still can't get used to just leaving her in the yard and not getting to see the inside of her classroom until October, but she is a total pro at school.

Milo both did and did not want to take pictures this morning.
While Penny was at school, I decided Milo needed a lesson as well, so he learned how to use scissors. One LL Bean catalog sacrificed for the greater good.

I found a pair that fit his hand better, early childhood educators. Do not fret.
Also, because I can't help myself, we laid out all of the Early Reader books and I showed him what "Dr. Seuss" looks like and he picked out which ones were written by him, and the three that were not. LEARNING.

When we picked Penny up, she decided she wanted to go out for ice cream, and then had her first violin practice as a third grader.
She had some math homework, we did a bunch of paperwork, and that's it. She's in third grade for real. She's going to learn cursive and have computer lab and chess and all sorts of real things. I am so happy to be getting back into the swing of things - Summer is great, but we love school around here!