Friday, January 27, 2017

Comic Con Cruise

We were invited to attend Fan2Sea, the first Comic Con set on a cruise ship!  Alex worked, and the kids and I got to play.  So much fun!
Bye bye, Grandma Jane!
 At the airport, Penny asked me what kind of airplane we would be taking, and I told her that I didn't know.  When we arrived at the gate, we saw our pilot checking in, and I told her that he would be a great person to ask.  He ended up going onto the plane, getting Penny a card about the 717, and a pair of wings for each kid (*sidenote: 3 years of Classical Greek and it only just occurred to me why Delta's logo is a triangle).  He told Penny that he was going to give her a quiz about the 717, and that we should stop by the cockpit on our way onto the plane.
Goofballs in an airport (with wings!)
When the Captain tells you to stop by, you listen.

Milo loved pointing out the window and telling me everything he could see.

Milo checks in to the ship

Since Milo is a pro at cruises, he started asking for ice cream on the way to the airport

If you zoom way in, you can see Alex hosting the first event of the cruise!

The kids asked me to teach them how to play basketball, and I told them I wasn't sure I was the right person to do that...and then I sunk three free throws in a row.

Not how soccer is supposed to work

Milo was definitely not allowed in Penny's fold-down-from-the-ceiling-required-a-ladder-to-get-in-there-bed

Mini golf is a must on cruises

We lost Milo at sea. But then we found him.

Between Comic Book Club sets was the one and only performance of the Penny & Milo Show.

You can see Cozumel in the background of this photo

Milo loved this fish shower by the kids' pool.  He also named the hose in our room's shower Hosey, and declared it his new best friend

Sunrise on the high seas
This is how you play shuffleboard, right?

If you have any ideas about how Penny can live on a waterslide, she would love to hear them 
Next time, we have to pack some costumes so we can cosplay with everyone!  It was a wonderful and much needed vacation, and we hope there's another one soon!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Big boy bed!

Milo has been getting excited about converting his bed, so this afternoon while he and Penny were watching TV, I turned his crib into a toddler bed. At first he was not at all psyched, but we climbed in together, and he quickly was jumping in and out, asked to change into pajamas, and has been having the best time since! He's such a big guy!