Friday, August 7, 2015


On Saturday, Penny and I both went to the dentist.  The last time we were there, Penny was really terrified and had a very hard time.  This visit, she was an absolutely perfect patient.  She let the hygienist take X-rays, she had no problem with her teeth being counted or cleaned, and "Mr. Thirsty" got to do his job.  I cannot overstate how proud I am of her - going to the dentist is not an easy thing, and while this practice is exceptional, Penny was super brave.  The office is right on our corner, and every time we pass by she stops in and says hello.  They are super wonderful and go out of their way to say hi and ask about her day every time.  Also, pediatric dentistry has come a long way since I was a kid (though I still remember that my dentist's X-ray machine was painted to look like a giraffe - genius).  They have a light that shines in her eyes - bam, sunglasses.  They know that polishers are loud and scary and go in your mouth - not when you get to choose your own animal - penguin.  You have to stay super still and wear a heavy vest to get your X-rays taken - you then get to see them immediately on the computer and be amazed:

 The dentist says that all four of Penny's front teeth are wiggly, but they probably won't start truly being loose for another six months or so (right around her 6th birthday).  So proud of my big girl!

Then Milo got his 1 year old checkup on Monday. He is now 20 lbs. 5.5 oz (25 percentile) and 30" (75th percentile). He's doing great, and even though he was pretty cranky for this checkup, the doctor still thinks he's awesome.  Over the course of the week we made his sippy cups and bottles with half formula, half whole milk, and yesterday he had the last of the formula.  After the appointment he was pretty cranky from the shots (oh, and he's getting four, possibly five teeth) and it was super hot outside, so I stopped in a store to take a break in the air conditioning.  I resisted getting this:
Tailcoat tuxedo - 18 month size - $30!!!
 And this:
 But I did get him this adorable hat,

He's getting over his fussiness, is enjoying being a Toddler at daycare, and is now pointing and waving at everyone and everything.  He is babbling non-stop, so talking is right around the corner!