Wednesday, March 31, 2010


though we are not supposed to consult the internet, and we have been told to pick and choose the information we decide to accept from books, pretty much every resource has told us that babies get sick for the first time at around three months.  while penny is advanced in most things, she is right on time with her illness, and she developed a hearty cough on the way home from our first seder on monday night.  
it's definitely bothering us a lot more than it is her.  she's super smiley when she's awake, though she's been sleeping a bit more than usual; and except for being congested, this hasn't slowed her down one bit.
we are doing our best to remain calm.  we did call the pediatrician, but didn't leave a panicked voicemail on their emergency line after hours.  we did keep her in bed with us the first night, but she slept in her crib last night.  balance and moderation in freaking out - our theory on parenting :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

week 13!

penny is now three months old!  we've spent a whole season being parents!  this week, she spent two whole days with her grandparents, in the most spectacular weather we've seen in a long time.  she went to the botanical garden and visited with the ducks!  she is so close to rolling over we can taste it, and we all fear it.  she's grabbing and holding on to toys, and can get them to her mouth with astounding accuracy.  we went out to dinner with a group of friends tonight, and we didn't hold her for a minute.  our friends are the best!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

week 12!

this week, i went back to work.  it went way better than i expected, and that's all thanks to the amazing team of penny & alex.  we have started getting a morning routine together, and will probably never have a consistent evening routine, but it's so great to know that penny is being cared for and loved by family all day.  even though i'm not around, alex keeps me updated via text message, IM and phone.  this is a very 21st century baby. 
penny is now chomping on her hands most of the day (she is NOT teething!), and is working on maneuvering objects to her mouth.  her vocalizations are getting more precise, and her smiles are getting even bigger - if that's possible!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

week 11!

well, this was a HUGE week here at chez z.  as you can see in the below post, penny laughed for the first (and so far only) time.  we have been trying non stop to make her do it again, which is probably why it hasn't happened.
we kicked off the week with our family chanukah party.  my family is famous for rescheduling holidays so that they are more convenient for us, and as there were a lot of babies born this year, we decided this past weekend was the best.  my older sister came down from MA with her family, so penny finally got to meet her older cousins.
penny also got to meet her new cousins, we all ate wonderful food, and penny and cousin jacob hung out together in the cutest possible way.
this week also marked penny's first subway ride!  we all went into the city to visit my job - she slept most of the way there, and most of our visit, but she still managed to charm the pants off of all of my co-workers.