Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 weeks!

so as of today, the state thinks that i am ready to return to work. without getting too controversial, let me say for the record that a: the state is crazers and b: thank goodness for my job.

penny has started smiling for real - when she sees us, when she sees her favorite toys (currently soft cone shaped blocks), and randomly when she's happy. she has also started fitting into her clothing, which gives us options and makes her EVEN CUTER! she's started on bottles, she now reaches out for things, and enjoys being on her back looking at stuff. we took her to a wine bar with her aunt and we're pretty sure she liked it! this has been a huge week!

in totally other news, i have a $50 visa gift card that i need to use by the end of the month. what do i want?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 weeks!

that's right! 5 weeks! while alex and i can't believe we've been parents for over a month now, penny can't believe that something as fascinating as our headboard exists in this universe.
earlier in the week, we had our first social outing as a family, and it was amazing. friends of ours threw a brunch at their home, and all three of us went! penny slept through the whole thing in her sling, but we know she had a grand time.
we took an epic three hour journey yesterday, doing all sorts of parent-type-things, and we did it all while penny was in the stroller! she loves her stroller! we started out at the pediatrician, where we found out that penny is super smart! she is now 9lbs. 15.8 oz (75th percentile for her age), and 22 1/4 inches tall (90th percentile)! what a genius! alex calculated that if she continues growing at this rate, she will be 215 pounds and 38 feet tall by her 18th birthday. she got her second hep b shot, and recovered like a champ this time. i think it's all thanks to the awesome band aid.
from there, we went to a bookstore, pharmacy, comic book store, and did a full grocery shopping! yay for strollers & groceries! we should have gotten a stroller years ago!
penny has discovered a love of classical music, so every morning we have music appreciation time. not to prove the books true, but she does seem to really enjoy mozart, and she likes opera as well. especially tenors. she has disdain for the bassos, though - sorry guys.
we are also fairly certain that she said "meh" and "hi". that's totally what newborns do, right?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 weeks (is not the same as a month)

our stroller arrived this afternoon, and we went for a short walk around the neighborhood. there are an incredible amount of babies out there in park slope - and i'm sure i'm the first person to notice this. they should open up some children's boutiques or something.
in penny news, she had a bath yesterday, and she didn't hate it! we are starting to be able to distinguish between her cries. we're not 100% yet, but as there are really only three things she cries about, and sometimes two of them are happening at once, we are fairly confident we're going to get this nailed down. she's getting much better about tracking us with her eyes, and totally focuses on who's talking to her. her eyes still cross frequently, and that freaks me out. i've spoken to her about this, but to n avail, as she flat out refuses to learn english.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

three weeks!

hello from chez z, where we don't mind the cold outside because we never go there.
this week, penny had her first bath! she hated it,then she didn't mind it, then she hated it again. she really liked being wrapped up in a towel, though.
she spent almost an entire night in her basket, giving her parents several consecutive hours of sleep! amazing!
so now that we're past our third week, it's all smooth sailing, right?