Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 weeks!

so as of today, the state thinks that i am ready to return to work. without getting too controversial, let me say for the record that a: the state is crazers and b: thank goodness for my job.

penny has started smiling for real - when she sees us, when she sees her favorite toys (currently soft cone shaped blocks), and randomly when she's happy. she has also started fitting into her clothing, which gives us options and makes her EVEN CUTER! she's started on bottles, she now reaches out for things, and enjoys being on her back looking at stuff. we took her to a wine bar with her aunt and we're pretty sure she liked it! this has been a huge week!

in totally other news, i have a $50 visa gift card that i need to use by the end of the month. what do i want?

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