Wednesday, September 23, 2015

surprise vacation!

on thursday afternoon, penny and her babysitter made a "monster book of monsters", which is a harry potter thing.  it was a weird coincidence, because:
(a note - it turns out the harry potter wand IS an interactive wand, so there you go...)

so we packed our bags, skipped school on friday, and went to universal studios!

milo correctly identifies that he is about to go up!

milo rode on his first airplane!

penny could not believe it was all really happening!

penny was in harry potter heaven.  we got to see the new Diagon Alley part of the park, and since i was not enormously pregnant, i got to ride rides!  we child swapped!  we saw the dragon shoot fire!  we took this adorable family photo!

milo demonstrates why it's called Diagon Alley:

and he checks out the knitting supplies - he's my kid for sure!

these kids are totally my favorite things:

penny & alex's tough motorcycle riding faces:

i could not be more thrilled that we get to do something like this every now and again.  penny was completely surprised and one hundred percent delighted.  it was great to get away as a family and spend some time together having fun!

Monday, September 14, 2015

First grade!

Due to technical difficulties, we do not yet have Penny's official first day of first grade photo, but I can assure you that she did, in fact, start school on Wednesday, and is enjoying it very much.  September is like practice school, as her first full week isn't until the last week of the month.
Although I may not have her official photo, I do have Penny herself to tell you all about her first day:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer's over!

if you zoom way in on my sunglasses, you can see milo and my dad waving to each other.
Today was Penny's last day before First Grade, and her sitter is visiting family, so I played hooky and tried to give her one last taste of summer. We went to Coney Island, ate at Nathan's and visited with Great Grandma Miriam. We went to the aquarium with Grandma Ronnie & Papa Dan. We finished up the day at Ikea. The weather cooperated in giving us our last Summer hoorah - it was 90 degrees out, and it's a week into September already.
Penny's backpack is all packed, her lunch is ready to go (complete with first day of first grade note), and she is ready to take it all on! I am just ready for sleep.

Monday, September 7, 2015

dog days

the summer is just about over, and i feel like i have spent as much time out of work as in it.  we spent a week in Wildwood NJ with two other families.  penny rode her first roller coaster, alex and i each tried ridiculous potatoes, and milo learned to hate the water just a little less.
face-painted penny at the top of the ferris wheel
hipster baby invades new jersey

oh, also - we took a pirate cruise!  this is penny & the captain.

penny fends off enemy pirates.

milo & alex on vacation!
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aviation museum in cape may


penny got her hair done!

penny's first roller coaster!

since we've been back, milo has had his first sleepover at his grandparents' house, we've done our school shopping, and yesterday, milo got his first haircut.
check out that sweet mullet.  if it were still the 80s, we wouldn't have touched it.

tiny ponytail!

proud big sister.
milo got to sit in the fire engine for his first haircut, which is quite a coup.  he doesn't care so much about TV, so he wasn't distracted by sesame street, but he didn't cry too much.  from the front he looks almost exactly the same.  here are penny and milo, four and a half years apart - both got their first haircut at 13 months, and penny appears to be wearing milo's face.

summer is just about over for the zalbens!