Thursday, March 16, 2017

Magical mornings are exhausting

We had a snow day on Tuesday and the sidewalks are still covered and the intersections are mostly impassable. Because it's been so cold, the snow is solid, and instead of sinking into it, if you are a small, light person, you can walk along the giant snowbanks. All of this is to say that as of Wednesday, when school and work were back open, Milo has been walking to school instead of taking a stroller. And not just walking, with his boots on, he is a Snow Explorer!
This morning he found an ice ball that fit into his palm just so. He decided it was a baby squirrel, and he named it Bicycle.

We showed Bicycle all of the interesting things that were in the window display this morning (the Toy Museum is how I affectionately refer to the pharmacy on the corner that we pass by every day). Milo was searching for a tree "with a hole" to leave Bicycle in, but we could not find one. I suggested we leave him near a half buried bicycle, which Milo thought was hilarious.
We then spent the next 30 minutes walking two blocks to school, making us 20 minutes late. Usually we settle in and read a book and have a snack, but being a Snow Explorer takes a lot of time. I managed my usual rush-rush-go-go-go to let Milo enjoy the snow and see how high he could climb and I think he had a really good time! He probably won't remember it, but I will remember that I gave Milo and Bicycle one magical morning.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tooth number five!

On Tuesday, Penny's tooth had gone from wiggly to super wiggly - to the point where she could not eat or drink without extreme discomfort. She had basically no breakfast, ate a PB&J that I cut into 36ths for lunch, and then had no dinner. She woke up, not surprisingly, with zero energy and was basically a ball of misery who did not want to go to school.
Our neighbor commented that he had literally never seen her without a smile before. My heart broke a hundred times.
I packed her a gigantic lunch, hoping that the tooth would come out before they headed to eat, and kissed her gently goodbye.
I came home to the happiest, bounciest, one-fewer-toothiest girl in the universe! She wasn't hurting anymore, she had eaten a ton of food, and was delighted that the tooth fairy was going to come back.

She is deep into a series called "Wings of Fire" right now, and stayed up a full hour past bedtime last night to finish the second book in the series. Nevertheless, she woke up like this:
Quite a difference :)