Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tooth number five!

On Tuesday, Penny's tooth had gone from wiggly to super wiggly - to the point where she could not eat or drink without extreme discomfort. She had basically no breakfast, ate a PB&J that I cut into 36ths for lunch, and then had no dinner. She woke up, not surprisingly, with zero energy and was basically a ball of misery who did not want to go to school.
Our neighbor commented that he had literally never seen her without a smile before. My heart broke a hundred times.
I packed her a gigantic lunch, hoping that the tooth would come out before they headed to eat, and kissed her gently goodbye.
I came home to the happiest, bounciest, one-fewer-toothiest girl in the universe! She wasn't hurting anymore, she had eaten a ton of food, and was delighted that the tooth fairy was going to come back.

She is deep into a series called "Wings of Fire" right now, and stayed up a full hour past bedtime last night to finish the second book in the series. Nevertheless, she woke up like this:
Quite a difference :)

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