Monday, February 27, 2012

two weeks!

two week's worth of news to report!

last weekend we went to the museum of natural history!  we decided to become members, in the latest of the steps we're taking to make us feel more like grownups.  we took penny to the planetarium, where she got her own seat, looked up at the stars for about two minutes, then climbed into my lap and fell asleep for the rest of the show.  it was pretty spectacular, and alex and i thoroughly enjoyed it.  once it ended, we were both nervous about how penny would wake up, and we were walking out as slowly and quietly as we could.  she popped her head up off my shoulder, took a beat and said "wow!  that show was GREAT!  it was so funny!"  we then walked over to the butterfly exhibit, which is lovely.  however, it is 80 degrees and humid, so my camera instantly fogged up and stayed that way, and penny started sweating.  three butterflies landed on alex's head!
we ran around the museum looking at dinosaurs and fish skeletons, then packed up our stuff and headed home.  it was a great time.

penny fell asleep on the subway, and we decided to head straight to a playground, where we played her new favorite game "the farmer in the dell", which involves running around a tree singing "the farmer in the dell".  fruit leather is optional.

 this weekend we tried to go out, but the wind was insane.  we spent some time cooking, some time cleaning, and towards the end of yesterday, penny asked me to trim a toenail that had been bothering her.  our deal has been that when she let me clip her finger and toenails without crying or making a fuss, she could have her nails painted, so yesterday penny got her first manicure!  it's pretty striking, considering how tiny her nails are.  she loves it, and has gotten a ton of compliments already.  hopefully this means we can trim her nails with more regularity - since she still has this weird elbow pinching obsession, i think i'm going to benefit most!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day surprise?

so last night, as i was taking penny's valentine's day photo, i thought it would be nice to make a video with a valentine's day message.  and then this happened:
i told alex his cover had been blown, and we all ended up having a lovely valentine's day morning anyway :)

happy valentine's day!