Sunday, February 14, 2016

valentine's day inside

it is three degrees here in brooklyn, so we have been inside for the past two days.  we had a playdate with the trautmanns (we love you, trautmanns!) and alex and i had a lovely romantic candle lit dinner after both kids were asleep (at 7:30!  amazing!).  milo is having a small hitting, hair pulling thing that we are working through, but for the most part the kids get along, and read with each other, and we've managed to make it two whole days with no tv (for the kids at least :) ).
i realized it's been a while since i took out the good camera, and as it turns out, penny is 16?  17 years old?
also, she's getting three molars, so we should cut her some slack.
 milo, while still a baby, can now talk and is dancing pretty much constantly.
they're both keepers, i think.

happy valentine's day, all!  our hearts are totally warmer than the weather outside, and we hope yours is, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!