Sunday, November 11, 2012

wait, it's november?

and november is almost half over?  sigh.  please forgive me, i just haven't felt much like blogging.  we survived the hurricane with nothing more than some inconvenience, and consider ourselves incredibly lucky.  alex had a birthday during it.  penny and i baked him a cake.
penny was in charge of sprinkles and kisses
there was a zoo visit the day before:
super fun - boo at the zoo!
alex was supposed to start a new full time job, but it was postponed because of the storm.  we managed to go trick or treating anyway, though our awesome plans that i told you tune in for were cancelled.  i'm going to leave it a secret, because we definitely plan on doing it next year.  i thought it would be great if penny went trick or treating as thor:
i ordered her a helmet - she hates it.
but she ended up going as belle - which is fine with me!  she asked to wear her dorothy shoes, and the dress is made more for playing in than character accuracy, but everyone figured out who she was, and she was a perfect trick or treater, even turning back twice because she forgot to say "thank you".

we are a themed family - disney announced they were buying star wars.  penny is holding up admiral akbar and saying "it's a trap" at the camera.

alex started his job, and we are all adjusting to our new schedules. it will take us a little bit to figure it all out, but we are so proud of alex, and super excited to start this new chapter in our lives!
yesterday we went to the museum of natural history and had a live bat encounter!  we learned all about different bats and got to see four of them in person - it was so much fun!  they just reopened all of the refurbished exhibits, and they look amazing!  totally worth a visit if you haven't been in a while.

it's just been a weird couple of weeks.  i am really looking forward to spending thanksgiving with our family, and we all hope that you and yours are safe and warm.