Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's treats

for three days in a row, penny has been in charge of getting herself dressed.  today she really outdid herself.
 it's so pink!  so appropriate for valentine's day!  her face is painted for purim!  she's got quite the fashion sense.
alex brought home delicious valentine's treats for us!
we hope your valentine's day was great!

happy valentine's day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


last week, we had a very busy sunday.  we started off at the museum of natural history, where we wandered through the food exhibit.  

 there was a kitchen offering demonstrations and taste testing of chocolate.  we could not convince penny to try it, which was pretty weird, but she was mostly not eating last week.  she did decorate her own chef's hat, though.

at lunch, penny and alex decided to go on a penguin and polar bear hunt, and downloaded the AMNH app.

 After a great museum trip, we went home to watch the most important sporting event of the year!

Puppy Bowl!
 This weekend was snowy!  Penny has experienced snow before, but this was the first real snowfall we've had that she's been autonomous for.  we started off our snow day building a "snowman".  unfortunately, the snow was gorgeous fresh powder, and i couldn't get it to pack.  penny seemed pleased with the results anyway:

 our next snow adventure was sledding!  we've had this sled for years, but this was the first time it's ever seen a hill.  penny was a sledding champ!  she definitely has inherited my love of thrill rides.  she wanted to go faster and faster, and for a kid who had no nap today, she did super great on the "slope".
penny prepares her attack on the hill
away she goes!
ready to make her second descent!

penny pulled the sled up the hill by herself!

many thanks to our intrepid photographer and social director for the day, aunt jodi!  penny was having such a fun time with her that she didn't want to say goodbye!

Friday, February 1, 2013

breakfast with the zalbens, a play in one act

Penny: Fork goes on the left, knife goes on the right.

Marni: That's amazing! Where'd you learn how to set the table?

Penny: There's a whole channel on TV called, "Let's learn how to set the table."