Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This morning at breakfast, Penny was telling Alex that Milo used her piano to help him kneel yesterday - then we all looked over and watched him kneel, then pull himself up to standing!

Monday, January 26, 2015

it's time for a million photos of milo!

i do not seem to have the time that i used to to create collages of photos from my camera - i wonder why that would be?  plugging it in to my computer tonight, it appears that i haven't downloaded photos from it since november - whoops!  let's catch up with milo's first thanksgiving through today, which might contain the best photo of them all.

so glad this onsie fit at the right time!  no food yet for milo, but he did gnaw on a cleaned off turkey bone.

scooting!  milo doesn't army crawl like penny used to, he's more of an inchworm.

penny had a sick day, so we both stayed home to try and comfort her and keep her mind off of her illness.  she was making silly faces at milo when... all went so terribly wrong.

i want to smoosh him all the time.  look at this face!

milo can sit when provided with the proper motivation.

let us just take a moment to bask in the glory of my firstborn.  she is ridiculous and i love her to bits.

milo spent a couple of days with his tongue hanging out like this.  why = unclear.

i am including this photo because if you told me it was a picture of jacob bogin i would 100% believe you.

"yeah, my name is milo.  i can stand up by myself.  whatever."

i love all of these photos of milo sitting up and playing with his teddy bear, but that doesn't mean you have to scroll through them all.

i love this photo. so much.  milo is feeding himself bananas here, and i think you can tell every single thing about him from this photograph.

well, that was a lot. thanks for looking at all of those. right now we are at the beginning of a blizzard called juno (in case it becomes super famous). there are between ten and thirty inches of snow predicted.  alex is at sundance, and i tried to start sleep training milo, but somehow that ended up with all three of us in my bed.  there's no work and no school tomorrow, so we're going to have a giant snugglefest!  be safe, everyone!

my kitchen helper played with this exciting and innovative toy for 25 minutes

Saturday, January 10, 2015