Friday, August 29, 2014

one month of milo!

today, milo is one month old!  it's hard to believe that one month ago, this little man was not in our lives - he's already got such a personality and is a full on contributing member of our family.  penny has spent so much time waiting for him to arrive that all she ever wants to do is hug him, kiss him and snuggle with him.  it's pretty delightful and gratifying, and i'm totally going to remind her of it in 12 years or so.
facts about milo:

  • he HATES being wet, and hates peeing.  he will sit in a poopy diaper for hours, but the moment he pees, it's the worst thing that has ever happened to him.
  • when he is awake, he is super alert.  he can track with the best of them, grabs for things, and has almost found his toes a number of times.
  • the past couple of nights he has howled non-stop from about 9pm to 11pm.  tonight, i think i hacked him.
  • he way prefers sleeping on his tummy.
  • he has incredible head and neck control, and has been able to lift and turn his head pretty much since day one.  this makes tummy time a pretty pleasant experience.
  • penny thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.
  • he photographs brilliantly.  behold:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Official personhood achieved!

Also, unrelatedly, according to my not-super-scientific scale, Milo weighs 10 pounds today!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Four Weeks of Milo!

Milo is four weeks old today!  It's incredibly hard to believe how big and how small he is.  He still spends most of his days sleeping, but when he's awake, he is super alert.  He's starting to find his voice, which is adorable, and i think he almost spotted his toes last night.  Penny loves covering him with kisses, and snuggling with him at every possible opportunity.  Yay for our four week old!
His complexion is due to his near constant need to have his face on my chest - the side you can see is not so bad, but he is seriously broken out.  Hopefully he'll clear up when I'm less sweaty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

three weeks of milo!

happy three weeks, little dude!  as i type this, milo is sleeping on my lap, making the cutest little squeaks and purrs.  he has been sleeping for many many hours, as is his wont at three weeks of age.  so far, other than a night or two this week, milo sleeps for three or four hours at a time and wakes up to eat, poop, and look around.  at night, he skips the looking around part, so for the mom of a three week old, i am surprisingly well rested.  right now, camp for penny is over, alex is back at work, and i am feeling like a real stay at home mom (with a sitter who helps out for four hours in the afternoon).  it's...busy, as evidenced by the lack of blogging i'm sure.  here are some photos!  i have just hooked my camera to my computer for the first time since he was born!  this is very different from the almost constant documentation of penny's infanthood!

milo is born!  he has stats!

milo's first tummy time! 8-10-14 spoilers - he hated it, but was very good at it.

quick penny break.  look how adorable this child is.  kindergarten starts in two weeks - what?

milo's first bath! 8-17-14 spoilers - he hated it.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Penny got a set of female Lego scientists yesterday, and we spent last night and this morning building an astronomer, a chemist and a paleontologist. When the building was done, Penny called a meeting of all of her Legos to discuss their jobs and science. First order of business - figure out who has "hard hair" and who has "soft hair", break them out into groups and swap all of their hair while singing an "It doesn't matter what you look like " song. Should I tell her that sorting & categorizing is science?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One week of Milo

Besides eating voraciously, this is how Milo spent his day. This is also his fourth outfit of the day, as he insists on peeing all over the place.

Please welcome Milo Elliott Zalben

Once again, the extended blog silence is due to the fact that one week ago today, we had a BABY!  Milo Elliott Zalben was born on July 29th, 2014 at 11:08pm.  He was 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches, and is pretty cute if I do say so myself.  We've all spent the week getting to know each other - my mom stayed with us for the first six days, which was so incredibly helpful I can't even begin to tell you (thanks, Mom!), and we're trying to settle into our old routine as much as we can so that Penny's life is as normal as possible.  We've had a really great non stop parade of family visitors, and Milo has now met all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and first cousins!  Not too shabby for a week!
In case you don't want to do the math in your head, I ended up being 5 days overdue, and the doctor decided to induce.  I'm pretty happy about the way it all worked out this time around - I managed to get a haircut, a mani pedi, and a day of sitting around doing absolutely nothing before Milo was born.  Now I am enjoying Alex being home and taking amazing care of us, and trying to decide who this baby looks like (I'm pretty sure he's got a Bogin face) please take a look and decide for yourself!

Milo is born!
He has stats!

Big sister meets little brother for the first time!
Our first family portrait!

Me and my babies!
Penny holds Milo!
We come home from the hospital!
My heart breaks
Then it melts
I have become an expert swaddler.  Thank you, Maternity Ward Nurse!
Milo attends a 5 year old birthday party, and is clearly enjoying himself.

I enjoy myself - first drink out in a looooong time.

How Milo spent his one week birthday.

Happy one week on the planet, little dude.  So far you've been a great addition to our family, and we look forward to getting to know you and helping you find your place in this world.