Tuesday, August 19, 2014

three weeks of milo!

happy three weeks, little dude!  as i type this, milo is sleeping on my lap, making the cutest little squeaks and purrs.  he has been sleeping for many many hours, as is his wont at three weeks of age.  so far, other than a night or two this week, milo sleeps for three or four hours at a time and wakes up to eat, poop, and look around.  at night, he skips the looking around part, so for the mom of a three week old, i am surprisingly well rested.  right now, camp for penny is over, alex is back at work, and i am feeling like a real stay at home mom (with a sitter who helps out for four hours in the afternoon).  it's...busy, as evidenced by the lack of blogging i'm sure.  here are some photos!  i have just hooked my camera to my computer for the first time since he was born!  this is very different from the almost constant documentation of penny's infanthood!

milo is born!  he has stats!

milo's first tummy time! 8-10-14 spoilers - he hated it, but was very good at it.

quick penny break.  look how adorable this child is.  kindergarten starts in two weeks - what?

milo's first bath! 8-17-14 spoilers - he hated it.

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