Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day started on Friday for me, with a celebration at Milo's school. He walked and carried his own backpack:
 When we came in there was iced coffee and chocolate muffins waiting for us:
And hugs & kisses for the kids.
The kids decorated frames containing photos of us:
And they gave us cards they had made for us. It was a great morning.

For the weekend, I decided to celebrate my own motherhood on Saturday, and my mother on Sunday. It was a windy rainy cold day, and our plans were almost scuttled, but I decided to plow ahead and attend the Mother's Day Garden Party at the NY Botanical Gardens. Alex had to work, so I packed the diaper bag full of snacks and we rode the subway to the Bronx. The Garden Party had been moved indoors, but the kids made cards:
Milo loooooooved this stamper
 And Penny got her face painted:
The big draw to the Gardens was the Chihuly exhibit, and there were pieces like this outside:
 And pieces inside that integrated so organically with the environments inside. It was a gorgeous exhibit.

After lunching and wandering a bit, we walked over to the Zoo, which was empty. We didn't get to see many animals, but Milo did ride a carousel on an animal for the first time:

Though it was a soggy day, we had a super fun time!

Today we split up again, and I went to Queens to hang out with my mom, and Alex had the kids. He got me the best Mother's Day gift of all time - he got Milo's hair cut!
I am so pleased. So pleased that we can do this at bathtime:
I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day, everyone! Remember to embrace each moment, because it all goes by so quickly...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Field trip!

Today Milo is going on his first-ever field trip to the Queens Zoo. All week long he has been getting psyched to ride a school bus, and when everyone came in this morning wearing their matching shirts, he just about lost his mind. The weather is perfect, and I hope they have the best time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Magical mornings are exhausting

We had a snow day on Tuesday and the sidewalks are still covered and the intersections are mostly impassable. Because it's been so cold, the snow is solid, and instead of sinking into it, if you are a small, light person, you can walk along the giant snowbanks. All of this is to say that as of Wednesday, when school and work were back open, Milo has been walking to school instead of taking a stroller. And not just walking, with his boots on, he is a Snow Explorer!
This morning he found an ice ball that fit into his palm just so. He decided it was a baby squirrel, and he named it Bicycle.

We showed Bicycle all of the interesting things that were in the window display this morning (the Toy Museum is how I affectionately refer to the pharmacy on the corner that we pass by every day). Milo was searching for a tree "with a hole" to leave Bicycle in, but we could not find one. I suggested we leave him near a half buried bicycle, which Milo thought was hilarious.
We then spent the next 30 minutes walking two blocks to school, making us 20 minutes late. Usually we settle in and read a book and have a snack, but being a Snow Explorer takes a lot of time. I managed my usual rush-rush-go-go-go to let Milo enjoy the snow and see how high he could climb and I think he had a really good time! He probably won't remember it, but I will remember that I gave Milo and Bicycle one magical morning.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tooth number five!

On Tuesday, Penny's tooth had gone from wiggly to super wiggly - to the point where she could not eat or drink without extreme discomfort. She had basically no breakfast, ate a PB&J that I cut into 36ths for lunch, and then had no dinner. She woke up, not surprisingly, with zero energy and was basically a ball of misery who did not want to go to school.
Our neighbor commented that he had literally never seen her without a smile before. My heart broke a hundred times.
I packed her a gigantic lunch, hoping that the tooth would come out before they headed to eat, and kissed her gently goodbye.
I came home to the happiest, bounciest, one-fewer-toothiest girl in the universe! She wasn't hurting anymore, she had eaten a ton of food, and was delighted that the tooth fairy was going to come back.

She is deep into a series called "Wings of Fire" right now, and stayed up a full hour past bedtime last night to finish the second book in the series. Nevertheless, she woke up like this:
Quite a difference :)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Could be paci free!

This afternoon I asked Milo if he wanted to go out and pick up a new thermos to put in his bed pocket. Due to circumstances which were Milo not wanting to put on pants, we didn't leave the house at all today, but after dinner, with a paci in his mouth, he asked me if we could "go on an errand". Luckily I have Penny to interpret for me, and I jumped on it immediately. Milo sleeps without it at school all the time, and just got back from a sleepover where he didn't use one - lately he's been asking for water at night, and I'm banking on him wanting to be big like Penny. She was also great, and said all the right things to make him feel like a big guy. Cross your fingers for us!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow day!

6 - 10 inches of snow were predicted for today, so last night the Mayor declared that schools would be closed. This morning we found out that work was also cancelled - snow day!!!
We started out with waffles

Penny spent most of the morning draping dresses. I did not take photos of it today, but here are last week's - they're pretty awesome.
And as the snow tapered off, Penny and I headed out.
She made a snow angel:
And then a giant tactical error:
There are consequences to throwing snowballs at your mama, as she soon found out:
Our sled from last year broke, so we bought a new one, and Penny had a great time going down the hills in Prospect Park:

We thawed out our toes while having a treat:
And then had pizza and Star Wars with our neighbors. 

This may have been the best snow day ever.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Shabbat Abba

Milo was the Shabbat Abba in his class on Friday. Milo loved dressing up in his fanciest clothes and wearing his Shabbat shoes. I got to come in and sing songs, help "make the chicken soup", go on a parade around the school, read a story while the class ate lunch, and hand out treats!
Milo had zero interest in wearing a kippa at school, but he knows that necklace = fancy.
It was a super fun time. We also got to bring home the Shabbat bag, so we could have our own celebration.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Comic Con Cruise

We were invited to attend Fan2Sea, the first Comic Con set on a cruise ship!  Alex worked, and the kids and I got to play.  So much fun!
Bye bye, Grandma Jane!
 At the airport, Penny asked me what kind of airplane we would be taking, and I told her that I didn't know.  When we arrived at the gate, we saw our pilot checking in, and I told her that he would be a great person to ask.  He ended up going onto the plane, getting Penny a card about the 717, and a pair of wings for each kid (*sidenote: 3 years of Classical Greek and it only just occurred to me why Delta's logo is a triangle).  He told Penny that he was going to give her a quiz about the 717, and that we should stop by the cockpit on our way onto the plane.
Goofballs in an airport (with wings!)
When the Captain tells you to stop by, you listen.

Milo loved pointing out the window and telling me everything he could see.

Milo checks in to the ship

Since Milo is a pro at cruises, he started asking for ice cream on the way to the airport

If you zoom way in, you can see Alex hosting the first event of the cruise!

The kids asked me to teach them how to play basketball, and I told them I wasn't sure I was the right person to do that...and then I sunk three free throws in a row.

Not how soccer is supposed to work

Milo was definitely not allowed in Penny's fold-down-from-the-ceiling-required-a-ladder-to-get-in-there-bed

Mini golf is a must on cruises

We lost Milo at sea. But then we found him.

Between Comic Book Club sets was the one and only performance of the Penny & Milo Show.

You can see Cozumel in the background of this photo

Milo loved this fish shower by the kids' pool.  He also named the hose in our room's shower Hosey, and declared it his new best friend

Sunrise on the high seas
This is how you play shuffleboard, right?

If you have any ideas about how Penny can live on a waterslide, she would love to hear them 
Next time, we have to pack some costumes so we can cosplay with everyone!  It was a wonderful and much needed vacation, and we hope there's another one soon!