Sunday, February 26, 2017

Could be paci free!

This afternoon I asked Milo if he wanted to go out and pick up a new thermos to put in his bed pocket. Due to circumstances which were Milo not wanting to put on pants, we didn't leave the house at all today, but after dinner, with a paci in his mouth, he asked me if we could "go on an errand". Luckily I have Penny to interpret for me, and I jumped on it immediately. Milo sleeps without it at school all the time, and just got back from a sleepover where he didn't use one - lately he's been asking for water at night, and I'm banking on him wanting to be big like Penny. She was also great, and said all the right things to make him feel like a big guy. Cross your fingers for us!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow day!

6 - 10 inches of snow were predicted for today, so last night the Mayor declared that schools would be closed. This morning we found out that work was also cancelled - snow day!!!
We started out with waffles

Penny spent most of the morning draping dresses. I did not take photos of it today, but here are last week's - they're pretty awesome.
And as the snow tapered off, Penny and I headed out.
She made a snow angel:
And then a giant tactical error:
There are consequences to throwing snowballs at your mama, as she soon found out:
Our sled from last year broke, so we bought a new one, and Penny had a great time going down the hills in Prospect Park:

We thawed out our toes while having a treat:
And then had pizza and Star Wars with our neighbors. 

This may have been the best snow day ever.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Shabbat Abba

Milo was the Shabbat Abba in his class on Friday. Milo loved dressing up in his fanciest clothes and wearing his Shabbat shoes. I got to come in and sing songs, help "make the chicken soup", go on a parade around the school, read a story while the class ate lunch, and hand out treats!
Milo had zero interest in wearing a kippa at school, but he knows that necklace = fancy.
It was a super fun time. We also got to bring home the Shabbat bag, so we could have our own celebration.