Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow day!

6 - 10 inches of snow were predicted for today, so last night the Mayor declared that schools would be closed. This morning we found out that work was also cancelled - snow day!!!
We started out with waffles

Penny spent most of the morning draping dresses. I did not take photos of it today, but here are last week's - they're pretty awesome.
And as the snow tapered off, Penny and I headed out.
She made a snow angel:
And then a giant tactical error:
There are consequences to throwing snowballs at your mama, as she soon found out:
Our sled from last year broke, so we bought a new one, and Penny had a great time going down the hills in Prospect Park:

We thawed out our toes while having a treat:
And then had pizza and Star Wars with our neighbors. 

This may have been the best snow day ever.

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