Tuesday, April 30, 2013


at 5am, penny showed up at our door very upset.  i assumed she had wet the bed, but she told me that she had broken her clock and she didn't know how she had broken it, but she couldn't fix it.  i told her it sounded like she had a bad dream.  she then said "and my floor is on fire.  it's just a little fire.  my clock made a fire".  i told her that couldn't happen.  don't worry, it's just a dream.  "it's true", she told us.  alex went to check it out, and he came back to tell her that her clock was fine, and her floor was fine.  i reassured her that her clock could not possibly set her floor on fire.  "it can't?" she asked.  i confirmed.  she slept in our bed for the rest of the night.   we found out from a classmate's mom that a firefighter came to visit them at school yesterday, and they got to get on the fire truck, and i'm guessing that maybe they had some sort of safety talk?  poor little brain - it's disorienting to have a nightmare as an adult, i can't even imagine being three and being sure that your floor is on fire.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

this morning

this morning, i packed penny's lunch, handed her her lunchbox and went to the bedroom to get myself dressed.  a few minutes later she came into the room having taken her backpack off of its hook, put the lunchbox in it and rezipped it, gotten her hoodie and jacket of of their hooks, put them on and zipped up her jacket.  i could not even handle it.  i am so proud of her!

Monday, April 22, 2013

busy weekends!

last weekend we had a super fun time!

 we spent our saturday in the city - there is a new whales exhibit at the museum of natural history, so we checked that out

as well as visiting some old favorites
we left the museum and took a walk through the park.  we stopped for a snack and to show penny the alice in wonderland sculpture
we found a new playground
on our way to the central park zoo
after the zoo & lunch, we took a walk to alex's office, where penny and i napped and alex did some work.  once alex was done with his work, we all took a ride on the toys r us ferris wheel
my little pony car!
after all of that we had dumplings and empanandas in times square!   when we were walking home, we ran into a frozen yogurt party, and penny won a beach ball and we all had free yogurt!  it was a packed, super fun day!

this weekend, we all went back into the city for brunch with friends, then to the children's museum of the arts.  we had two birthday parties on sunday, and i fell asleep at 8pm.  it is exhausting being such social butterflies! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

our big girl

this weekend, penny and i were in an industrial.  i'm not sure how much i can talk about it, but i'll show you this photo that alex took from the outside:
i talk with my hands.
today, alex left for work right after breakfast, and when penny and i got finished getting her ready for school she really wanted to show him how cute she looked, so i convinced her to let me take a couple of photos.

 tonight, after teeth were brushed, we all walked into penny's room to put her to bed.  what ended up happening was:
penny did a really admirable job of "reading" little bear to alex!  she got most of the words and a whole lot of inflection.  after reading, alex snuggled with her for 5 minutes, then i snuggled with her for 5 minutes.  it was pretty great.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

wedding weekend!

this weekend we packed up a zipcar and went to the catskills for the wedding of two amazing friends, mary & mike.  penny was reunited with her oldest friend, i was a bridesmaid, and a wonderful time was had by all.
penny and KB running in and out of the room waving their wands and turning us into flying things.  this may have been flying trees.  or cheese.  or doors.  or hands.

unfortunately, i was sort of the unofficial behind the scenes wedding photographer, so i did not get a ton of photos of the weekend outside of the wedding party perspective.  i heard that there was a whole lot of this, though:
and this:
sunday was easter sunday, and biz hid easter eggs for penny and KB to find.  i am somewhat of an easter novice, so my contribution was a basket and these:
 which was then followed by a lot of this:
they are hopping like bunnies, of course.
penny had a truly wonderful time.  it was amazing to see so many of our friends gathered in one place.  we are thrilled for mary & mike and wish them all the happiness in the world.  penny married me this morning (i was the groom).  she zipped up her baby in her pajamas (one of our friends is very pregnant).
this week, penny has had off from school for passover, and also had a brand new sitter start.  all that i have heard is about how wonderful she is, and how much fun they had together.  after a 10 hour day, this is a very gratifying thing to hear from a babysitter.