Monday, April 8, 2013

our big girl

this weekend, penny and i were in an industrial.  i'm not sure how much i can talk about it, but i'll show you this photo that alex took from the outside:
i talk with my hands.
today, alex left for work right after breakfast, and when penny and i got finished getting her ready for school she really wanted to show him how cute she looked, so i convinced her to let me take a couple of photos.

 tonight, after teeth were brushed, we all walked into penny's room to put her to bed.  what ended up happening was:
penny did a really admirable job of "reading" little bear to alex!  she got most of the words and a whole lot of inflection.  after reading, alex snuggled with her for 5 minutes, then i snuggled with her for 5 minutes.  it was pretty great.

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