Tuesday, April 2, 2013

wedding weekend!

this weekend we packed up a zipcar and went to the catskills for the wedding of two amazing friends, mary & mike.  penny was reunited with her oldest friend, i was a bridesmaid, and a wonderful time was had by all.
penny and KB running in and out of the room waving their wands and turning us into flying things.  this may have been flying trees.  or cheese.  or doors.  or hands.

unfortunately, i was sort of the unofficial behind the scenes wedding photographer, so i did not get a ton of photos of the weekend outside of the wedding party perspective.  i heard that there was a whole lot of this, though:
and this:
sunday was easter sunday, and biz hid easter eggs for penny and KB to find.  i am somewhat of an easter novice, so my contribution was a basket and these:
 which was then followed by a lot of this:
they are hopping like bunnies, of course.
penny had a truly wonderful time.  it was amazing to see so many of our friends gathered in one place.  we are thrilled for mary & mike and wish them all the happiness in the world.  penny married me this morning (i was the groom).  she zipped up her baby in her pajamas (one of our friends is very pregnant).
this week, penny has had off from school for passover, and also had a brand new sitter start.  all that i have heard is about how wonderful she is, and how much fun they had together.  after a 10 hour day, this is a very gratifying thing to hear from a babysitter.

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