Tuesday, April 30, 2013


at 5am, penny showed up at our door very upset.  i assumed she had wet the bed, but she told me that she had broken her clock and she didn't know how she had broken it, but she couldn't fix it.  i told her it sounded like she had a bad dream.  she then said "and my floor is on fire.  it's just a little fire.  my clock made a fire".  i told her that couldn't happen.  don't worry, it's just a dream.  "it's true", she told us.  alex went to check it out, and he came back to tell her that her clock was fine, and her floor was fine.  i reassured her that her clock could not possibly set her floor on fire.  "it can't?" she asked.  i confirmed.  she slept in our bed for the rest of the night.   we found out from a classmate's mom that a firefighter came to visit them at school yesterday, and they got to get on the fire truck, and i'm guessing that maybe they had some sort of safety talk?  poor little brain - it's disorienting to have a nightmare as an adult, i can't even imagine being three and being sure that your floor is on fire.

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