Monday, April 22, 2013

busy weekends!

last weekend we had a super fun time!

 we spent our saturday in the city - there is a new whales exhibit at the museum of natural history, so we checked that out

as well as visiting some old favorites
we left the museum and took a walk through the park.  we stopped for a snack and to show penny the alice in wonderland sculpture
we found a new playground
on our way to the central park zoo
after the zoo & lunch, we took a walk to alex's office, where penny and i napped and alex did some work.  once alex was done with his work, we all took a ride on the toys r us ferris wheel
my little pony car!
after all of that we had dumplings and empanandas in times square!   when we were walking home, we ran into a frozen yogurt party, and penny won a beach ball and we all had free yogurt!  it was a packed, super fun day!

this weekend, we all went back into the city for brunch with friends, then to the children's museum of the arts.  we had two birthday parties on sunday, and i fell asleep at 8pm.  it is exhausting being such social butterflies! 


  1. man, that day is awesome. i haven't taken gibson to the museum of natural history yet.... any recommendations/tips for taking him.. i want to- but i'm so apprehensive.

  2. Penny is one lucky lady!! What fun! So nice to have fun & adventurous parents :-)