Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy late fathers' day!

as i'm sure you're aware, this past weekend was fathers' day, which penny spent visiting with her grandfathers!  we also got to visit with penny's great-grandma mae, and we all had a wonderful time hanging out with each other and enjoying being a family.
penny's grandma jane's mother's day present to herself was a chair for penny - and i'm not sure whether you can see it in the photo or not, but it's literally got her name on it!
she had a lovely time sitting in a high chair and eating (what else) bananas:

and then she enjoyed a chair at great grandma mae's house!  it was a day of chairs!:
hope all of you fathers out there had a fabulous day!  i know we did!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

half birthday!

today is penny's half birthday, as you can see from this photo:
she is army crawling all over the place, with surprising speed!  if you are confused as to where the cords are in your home, please just invite penny over, and she will find them for you.
we've been having some trouble getting her to sleep lately, especially naps.  i think she's excited about the world and doesn't want to miss anything, coupled with the beginning of separation anxiety.  we're working through it, but it's a bit of a slog.
she's added peas and prunes to her food repetiore, and prunes are running a very close second to the perennial favorite, bananas.
penny has started really playing this week.  she bangs toys together, knocks down stacked blocks, has discovered her crate of toys and takes her favorites out, and will find actions or noises so funny that she quite literally falls over laughing.  as it turns out, we have a pretty cute baby, but don't take my word for it...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

thinking about the future

this week, penny took some time to think about future careers.
"Can I help you with your laundry?"

"IT department, what seems to be the trouble?"

"I am here to install your cable and demonstrate proper remote control licking techniques"

she has moved on in her eating and is a pro at getting food off of a spoon.  she has had bananas, carrots, and apples - with bananas being the clear favorite.  she can sit up for minutes at a time, and is beginning to combine rolling and army crawling to navigate her way around.  she also found her feet (with some help from her grandfather) and has started putting them in her mouth.  we're pretty sure she's teething, though there's nothing showing yet.

of course, if none of the above jobs work out for penny, she's always got one to fall back on:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

memorial day!

we had an absolutely amazing memorial day weekend.  not only did we get a whole lot of relaxation and hang out time, we got a ton of stuff done!
penny has moved on from cereal to bananas, and the difference in eating is incredible.  she has really gotten the hang of the spoon-in-mouth rhythm, and is keeping remarkable amounts of food in her mouth and off of her bib! i hesitate to even mention it for fear that it will change, but she has been sleeping pretty consistently from 7:30ish - 6:30ish.  this is quite possibly the most amazing thing that ever happened in the history of the world.  i never thought i would be grateful to be sleeping until 6:30, but five months with very interrupted sleep will do that to a person, i guess.
i have absolutely no idea about the order in or days on which things occurred.  i know that we cleaned the entire apartment, went to the framers and the bank, went grocery shopping, bought wine, went to a picnic in the park, two barbecues, the gowanus food truck festival and had an amazing time.  i also know that penny finally got the opportunity to wear these:

and that i took this, my new favorite photo of penny:

i was told that it doesn't count as a real memorial day weekend unless you take a hilarious photo of a baby and a beer, so here you go!  proof that it was, in fact, memorial day!  hope yours was as great as ours!