Tuesday, May 25, 2010

penny's biggest day

sunday the 23rd of may was penny's most accomplished day so far!  we started off with an almost complete mastery of the one legged bounce in her bouncy chair, followed by a picnic in the park with her friend (and potential future husband) david.  

david is the first person under a year old that she has recognized and wanted to interact with in the same way she does with us - namely, try to pull pieces of your face off.  david was remarkably tolerant of this.  the whole time we were picnicking, penny sat up on her own - another new skill. 
when we got back to brooklyn, she ate a whole bunch of rice cereal.

the key, as it turns out, is cinnamon!  thanks again, binky!
of course,  after so much eating, she needed a bath, and this was the first bath where she sat up and played with her bath toys. 

quick lost break here, as sunday was also the broadcast of the final lost episode:

not penny's boat.
also, she wore this onsie all day:

no spoilers!

thank you for indulging me.

after the bath, we went over to friends' pre-lost party, where penny was amused by monica, 

amused by mary, 

and then passed out in the most artistic way possible.

AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH - and just to make sure we would remember this day forever, she slept straight through from 10pm - 6:30am.  we look forward to many more awesome days, but i'm not sure how she can top this one.

Friday, May 14, 2010


penny got name dropped in a podcast that is not produced by one of us!  our intrepid friend jordan told alex to check out marc maron's WTF podcast, where maria bamford (pictured below) and marc maron talk about penny between minute 13 and 14 here: http://tinyurl.com/2fnf5b9
a warning before you go there - WTF stands for exactly what you think it stands for, and while everything is perfectly lovely and suitable for everyone in that one minute between 13 and 14, the beginning is riddled with Language, and the discussion that follows talks about Big Stuff.  if you have a delicate constitution or sensibility, perhaps you should listen to that minute, and then check out penny's online photo album, here: http://picasaweb.google.com/miss.marni/PennyRuth#

Thursday, May 13, 2010

we're back!

so much to catch up on! last weekend, we went to two birthday parties in one day! penny's cousin brayden turned one, and her grandma also had a significant birthday which i shall not name.
at the first party, this happened:
(don't worry, she didn't actually drink any)
and at the second party, she fell asleep almost immediately and stayed that way. amazing!

on wednesday, we got on a plane and flew to LA!  we were super nervous about penny's first flight, but she was perfectly behaved!  we got so many compliments on her awesomeness.  about an hour into the flight, we gave her an empty water bottle to play with, and she was fascinated.  FASCINATED.

there was an announcement in flight that anyone with kids could stop by the cockpit after we landed, so we did.  we thought maybe we'd get a photo with the captain (pilot?), but instead we got this:
we had a very fancy baby party at the swanky hotel roosevelt (by the pool, don't you know):

penny had so much fun by that pool that she decided to hang out in her bikini next to cousin marcie's pool - doesn't every baby have a crocheted string bikini?

on friday, we drove up a terrifying mountain to lake arrowhead, where we attended MaxFunCon - totally amazing and indescribable experience.  john hodgman, maria bamford and jesse thorn all fell in love with penny.  we were lucky to make it back to brooklyn with her!

penny is now a rolling machine - back to front, front to back - she is unstoppable!  two great weeks!  woo hoo!