Monday, September 7, 2015

dog days

the summer is just about over, and i feel like i have spent as much time out of work as in it.  we spent a week in Wildwood NJ with two other families.  penny rode her first roller coaster, alex and i each tried ridiculous potatoes, and milo learned to hate the water just a little less.
face-painted penny at the top of the ferris wheel
hipster baby invades new jersey

oh, also - we took a pirate cruise!  this is penny & the captain.

penny fends off enemy pirates.

milo & alex on vacation!
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aviation museum in cape may


penny got her hair done!

penny's first roller coaster!

since we've been back, milo has had his first sleepover at his grandparents' house, we've done our school shopping, and yesterday, milo got his first haircut.
check out that sweet mullet.  if it were still the 80s, we wouldn't have touched it.

tiny ponytail!

proud big sister.
milo got to sit in the fire engine for his first haircut, which is quite a coup.  he doesn't care so much about TV, so he wasn't distracted by sesame street, but he didn't cry too much.  from the front he looks almost exactly the same.  here are penny and milo, four and a half years apart - both got their first haircut at 13 months, and penny appears to be wearing milo's face.

summer is just about over for the zalbens!

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