Wednesday, September 9, 2009

week 25! success!

if success is measured by whether or not one's belly reaches the batman book, that is...

this week we took the glucose tolerance test, and it wasn't nearly as bad as i had feared. i got fruit punch flavor, and it tasted just like kool-aid. not something i would drink every day, but not gag inducing, either. according to the doctor, my swollen feet, growing rear, and ashkenazi heritage combine to make me a prime candidate for gestational diabetes, so we're waiting and hoping to not get a phone call later in the week. the baby has upped her kicking quite a bit, and for most of today i felt like she was trying to make a break for it.
i also decided that i hated all of my clothes, so i bought myself some new tops and a skirt to make myself feel better. next up - haircut! i haven't had one since march!


  1. Yay! Didn't you guess it would take 25 weeks Marni?

  2. it's true! i did! beginner's luck :)