Saturday, January 22, 2011

celebrations make penny sleepy.

today was our next door neighbor lydia's second birthday party!  penny had a great time chasing after the big kids, hanging out with the grown ups, and eating an entire slice of cake for lunch!  when we got home, it took her a little while to calm down, and my plan was to snuggle with her on the bed until she fell asleep so that i could trim her nails.  we both woke up about three hours later - birthday parties are exhausting for everyone!
penny has started imbuing items with mystical significance, and carrying them around the house for hours at a time.  so far, she's bestowed this honor upon two plastic tubs of baby food prunes, the ice pack case we use to carry her milk, a baby carrot and a banana.  today, she chose the banana, and then pointed to the rocking chair. she just wanted to chill out with her banana.

i recently received a yarn catalog, and penny loves flipping through it.  she gets so serious about pointing to items and talking about them.  she enjoys pointing to pictures of hats and then at her head, or socks and then her feet.  she is a genius, and a born shopper.
also this week, kisses!  she is the sweetest little baby, and will give kisses to us, bath toys, and that pesky baby in the mirror who follows her everywhere:


  1. If i looked like Penny I'd be kissing myself in the mirror too.

  2. OH! KISSES! so freakin' cute! I love it.