Monday, July 18, 2011

so much talking!

penny and i spent a lot of time together this weekend - on friday, i brought her to work with me all day, and she charmed the pants off of my co workers.  i got very little actual work done, but there is now a crayon drawing of hers up on my office wall.  i am a corporate mom!
this weekend, alex was filming with elephant larry both days, so we had a ladies weekend!  on saturday, we spent time with the ladies lawrence, and played inside and outside, went to playgrounds, and tried to keep our cool in the super intense heat.  when we visited alex at the end of his shooting day, he was wearing a cow costume (as you do), and penny thought it was hilarious.  she and he "moo"ed at each other and when we headed downstairs as he finished up, she kept pointing up the stairs saying "daddy moo, daddy moo".  she then passed out on a sofa for 45 minutes, but that is neither here nor there.
here's where it gets good.  on sunday, penny and i spent our morning with katy belle, but spent a lot more time at home trying to stay out of the sun.  we were having a rollicking game of tent at around 3:30 when she stopped what she was doing, had a good think, then said to me "daddy. work. moo. off. all gone. home. dinner".
WHAT?!  that is a whole, complete thought including both the day before, the future, the understanding that he had to take off a COW COSTUME before he came home for dinner, and the concept that her father exists in another place when he is not in the room with her, which is a concept that *I* still struggle with.

plus, she put on her tutu and danced around on bubble wrap.