Wednesday, November 16, 2011

full sentences!

sorry for the extended blog silence - we've all been battling a cold, so we've been taking care of each other in shifts.  the good news is that penny can now speak in full sentences!  over the past two days, she has said
(upon running into a neighbor, complete with arm flourish to indicate who she was speaking about): "this is grandma"
(upon the completion of a song that alex & penny made up together and has become a staple of our household): "i like that song, daddy"
(upon placing items in a bag and hanging that bag over the push bar of her elmo truck, complete with VERY surprised inflection): "i did it!"

she also can tell you that penny begins with a p and mama begins with an m, and point at various letters in the dr. seuss ABC book, though i'm not at all convinced she gets it yet.

this morning she took alex's dress shoes off the shoe rack and wore them around the bedroom, telling us that she was going to a "fancy party".

penny and noah spent a good couple of minutes standing side by side in the hallway giving each other sidelong glances and saying "hi, penny", "hi, noah", then hugging.  true love, i tell you.

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