Monday, January 30, 2012

penny's top three phrases

penny has started speaking like an adult, and it's pretty jarring to hear her use words indicating that she comprehends waaaaay more than i thought she could.  however, she is still two, and sometimes what's going on in her head is ridiculous.
1. "actually"  she has started sticking "actually" at the end of her statements sort of randomly, but also when she disagrees with us.
"i peed in the potty!"
"no, you didn't"
"i did, actually"

2. "in my imagination" this is awesome.  when she wants something to be true, this is her go to.
"penny, those shoes are too big for you"
(while putting the shoes on) "in my imagination, they're ok"

3. "just talking about it" 
"chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken"
"would you like to eat some chicken?"
"no, i'm just talking about it"

a bonus: we're trying to explain to penny about closing your eyes and picturing things, about dreams, about things that happen in your internal life in general.  i told her that there is one song from one of her cds that gets stuck in my head (dana: it's "i want to be near you" from blue moo) and what that means.

that song came on a few days after we had this conversation and she turned to me and said "mama!  this song gets stuck in your hair!"

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