Sunday, June 3, 2012

big apple circus!

today was another circus day (the very best kind of day in my opinion).  did you know that if you get stuck behind the tour de brooklyn in a car, it will take you a lot longer to get to your destination?  we sure do, now.
luckily we arrived in plenty of time, and immediately ran into friend and dance captain anissa wiley, and it was wonderful to see her!  the show itself was great - penny is becoming a circus pro, clapping along, enjoying all of the animals, and, of course, thinking the clowns are her favorite.  penny has never met my good friend mark, and trying to explain that there's a clown named "grandma" along with her two grandmas became complicated.  however, i'm pretty sure that by the end of the show, when she got to meet her up close and he brought us backstage to meet the animals (i'm aware of the pronouns.  leave me alone.) penny was having a great time!

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