Thursday, October 25, 2012

candy party!

alex gets invited to all sorts of random fun stuff, and this time he got to invite us along, too!  alex picked penny up from school early (ooooh) and brought her into the city where we all met up at dylan's candy bar for an early halloween party that the hub threw.  i don't know if you've ever gotten the opportunity to tell a two and a half year old that they're going to a halloween party at a candy store, but it's an experience that i highly recommend.
penny wore her ladybug costume, and the first thing we did was take a picture with a ginormous care bear.
this, by the way, is an official press photo from the hub.  thanks!
the party was adorable - there were cookie decorating stations:

and lots of yummy food, specialty drinks and games with prizes.  everyone was so nice to us, and kept thanking us for being there.  at one point, alex turned to me and said "that guy over there talking to that lady...that's R L Stine".  and then he came over and introduced himself, saying "hi, i'm bob".  and my brain exploded a little bit.
he and the kids wrote a ghost story together

 totally adorable - and then we got to preview a show that had all of the kids screaming in terror and clinging to their mommies.  but that's ok!  because after THAT, we all got empty buckets that we filled up with candy!  it was amazing!
you can read alex's waaaaay more professional write up of the events here, and stay tuned for next week's blog post, where you find out what we're ACTUALLY doing for halloween.  it's pretty awesome.

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