Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween (and beyond)

remember last year when we had big, exciting halloween plans that i couldn't wait to tell you about, but then i couldn't because hurricane sandy cancelled them?  i'm sure you do.  this year, we finally got to do what i have been DYING to do since we first heard about it - trick or treat at the American Museum of Natural History!  the one with the dinosaurs!  for real!
in each major hall of the museum there were two tables, one for trick or treating, and one for crafting.  penny made a halloween card:
a spooky tree:
a paper bag owl and a bookmark!  she got an amazing amount of candy, plus a toothbrush and toothpaste.
i asked penny to take a photo with the dinosaurs, and she told me that this is her fighting crime face:

we left the museum in time to trick or treat in park slope.  we caught the parade, got a ton more candy, and decided to head home just as it started to rain.  it was a GREAT halloween!
just for fun, i put together this collage of penny's halloween costumes throughout the years:

penny took a series of selfies with my phone:
sometime over the past week, penny has learned to write:
Photo: Yeah, so... Writing.
she has been practicing writing Ns for 20 minutes at a time, and wrote a thank you card for our friends where she wrote the words DEAR  KIRK AND LEAH and PENNY all by herself!  we had a great weekend, and even though the time change knocked her for a loop a little bit, penny has been an amazing person to be around - she's right on the brink of being able to read, she is polite and funny and generous, and she has taken it upon herself to clean up her room in the mornings.
also, she got a haircut!  and a new vest!

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