Saturday, February 22, 2014

circus day!

is there any better day than circus day?  not in our house, there isn't!  the blue unit is in town, and penny has loved sandor since the very first time she saw the circus.
as usual, a million pictures!
penny gets her ticket booped!

circus tattoo!

penny's circus tattoo!

after the show, penny finally gets to hang out with sandor

sandor shows penny everything there is to see backstage

i could not get penny to do any of this preshow stuff

but you know who can?  sandor.

our second preshow of the day, their third

alex missed the dogs during the show, but got to see them up close and personal at adventure #2

see you soon!
here is alex's much more succinct sum-up of the experience:

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  1. Man, Penny has NO IDEA how cool she is (and you guys are!)