Sunday, March 30, 2014

two big weekends, one blog post.

i don't know whether the winter of 2014 is going to go down in history as the longest, snowiest, or most irritating, but it certainly feels that way now.  as soon as we found out it was going to be 50 degrees last saturday, we got on the subway

and took ourselves to the bronx zoo.  it was an overcast day, and it was still winter at the zoo, so only about half of the animals were out and attractions open, but it was fantastic being outside, and the animals that were out were more active than we've ever seen them.
we found out that penny is still not tall enough to ride the carousel by herself
but she is super close, and she does love it very much.
this may be my new favorite photo of penny
we found out that this giant snake started laying eggs that morning:
at least seven eggs here
 and this snake next door seemed pretty pleased about it all:
these bears were having the very best time:
these tigers gave everyone quite a show.  there were three of them, and they kept passing by right up on the glass:

not quite as tall as a tiger...yet
now, this was the first time we were outside for any significant amount of time since november, and we did not bring a stroller, so penny had been walking the whole time.  around 3pm, this happened:

overall, it was a really great zoo trip, and we can't wait to go back!

on sunday, we were taken to penny's first broadway show - cinderella!  here we are on the train (look!  it's me!)
and she was seriously so excited:

this weekend was super rainy and windy,but all three of us managed to get haircuts!  penny was very excited that the back of her neck got "razed" and that the hairdresser gave her a clip - we are all so very ready for the spring.


  1. the carousel picture may well be the best! and i LOVE her new haircut. I'm also kinda in awe of you guys getting the heck out and doing stuff. This winter is KILLING me!

  2. oh, do not be in awe. please note the complete lack of doing things for MONTHS.