Saturday, May 10, 2014

we have created a monster!

this afternoon while i napped, penny and alex rearranged her room a bit.  her bed is now accessible from both sides and she can no longer injure herself on our inexplicably sharp walls while in it.  she also can reach her lamp much more easily.  about 15 minutes after alex put her to bed, she wandered into our room with her stuffed animal under her arm and told us that she wasn't tired.  i told her she could read quietly in bed.  over the course of an hour we checked in on her, and she was sitting up in bed with her legs under the covers reading a different book each time.  at 9, i told her it was time to turn out the light, and she told us she would when she finished the book she was reading, which she did.  oh boy.  she's definitely our kid!

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